Social media management may seem like easy work. How hard can it be to post content to a couple of accounts every few days, right? Why would you want to pay for someone else to post your content?

If you are facing any of these common issues below then it's time to reconsider and hire a social media manager:

1) Your social media posts are inconsistent

3 reasons you need a social media manager now

We are all busy. Daily tasks can start to take over your day and push smaller tasks to the back burner. It is easy for social media posting to become one of those “less urgent” tasks. The idea that “Facebook can wait – I’ll post tomorrow” is all too real. But, tomorrow soon turns into next week, and next week into next month. Suddenly, you are waking up to no longer having an active social media account. Your business has gone silent!

For successful brand awareness, it's important that your customers see fresh content on a regular basis. We all know the term “out of sight, out of mind” and this is the same when it comes to your social media accounts. For a user to get value from following your account – they need to be engaged in what you’re sharing.

This is where a social media management company can help. They have time dedicated to your social media accounts to ensure that posting stays on track.

2) You sometimes miss messages from customers

3 reasons you need a social media manager now

The last thing you want to do is miss messages from customers, or potential customers! This can make them feel ignored and unimportant by your company. They may even turn elsewhere.

A social media manager will make monitoring and engagement a top priority. With advanced social media monitoring tools, they can respond to customers quickly. Showing customers that your company cares about their input.

3) You never have time to do post analysis

3 reasons you need a social media manager now

If you don't analyse your social media posts you can't see what is working best. By doing monthly post analysis you can significantly impact your social media strategy. It allows you to update your strategy based on what is and what isn’t working. There is much more of a science to it than looking at previous posts and the number of likes.

There are lots of tools that a social media manager can put to use to better analyse your posts. These can be used to build reports and keep track of the success of your posts on a month-to-month basis. A social media manager can then create adapted content for the next month. The result is content that has been tailored to what your customers want to see.


So is there value in your business hiring a social media management company?

You need to consider the time you could spend on social media to make it effective. How much time would you spend on posting, engaging, researching and analysing? Now multiply that by the number of different platforms you want your company to engage on. Consider, are you the best person to do this or are you best focusing on other areas of your business?

If you believe there is value in saving time and want help with your social media management get in touch with us.

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Rebecca is passionate about helping others choose the right options for promoting their business or club online. Her constantly curious and problem solving nature make her able to learn new skills quickly. Yet as a qualified Secondary School teacher make her empathetic and able to pass on these skills to empower others trying to find their way in the online world.