30 hook ideas to steal for your next Instagram caption

Yes, visuals steal the show on Instagram, but don't underestimate captions! Captions have a secret power. They can boost your visibility through searches and reel in more engagement from users. The more you stop the scroll, the more favour you find with Instagram's algorithm.

stop the scroll with a hook for your captions

A good Instagram caption can make all the difference.  It will bring context to your picture, help your audience relate and of course using the right keywords can boost your visibility.

After 125 characters your caption will be clipped in user's feeds, to read the full caption users have to click more.  So it's really important to treat the initial line of your caption as more of a headline to hook your audience in.  Your hooks should be a short sentence that grabs attention from people when they are scrolling. And if you have a strong hook you can use it on your video, reel, carousel or as the start of your caption.


Below you will find 30 hook ideas to steal for your next Instagram caption:

  1. Get ready to say goodbye to [topic]
  2. Want a sneak peek?
  3. How to turn ______ into _____ in 3 easy steps
  4. This is your sign to start [Habit, Routine, New Thing, …]
  5. Why focusing on [this] is wrong
  6. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like this.
  8. What if I told you there's a simple way to [achieve goal / overcome problem]
  9. 3 Things I always do when [Problem happens]
  10. REMINDER! (Insert a reminder here that your ideal client NEEDS to hear!)
  11. Steal my (process)
  12. Sure (this) is great BUT
  13. Just your friendly reminder that [Insert Reminder]
  14. 4 simple steps to:
  15. This is why your (ACTION) isn’t working
  16. Let’s stop making [problem / process] more complicated than it has to be…
  17. 3 questions to ask before _____
  18. This will change the way you use  [app/ product / tool / website]
  19. Here's what you need to know before you
  20. 5 Tips for ….
  21. What if instead of focusing on [concept/idea] you did this.
  22. Is it time to make the switch?
  23. Stop doing [mistake]
  24. [tool / app/ product] My favourite….
  25. Why _______ sucks
  26. Everyone's raving about [common industry idea], but here's the secret
  27. Look for these 3 red flags in [industry topic ]
  28. The 3 things I realised I needed to STOP doing to {achieve desired result]
  29. Checklist for the Ultimate [Niche-Specific] Glow Up
  30. Brace Yourselves, Game-Changer Incoming!

The goal with these hooks is to make your audience so curious, so intrigued, that they can't help but dive into your caption. Once they're readying it's then much easier to engage and convert them.  Want more Instagram caption hooks to stop the scroll? Download 60 more social media hooks in my free pdf below.

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