5 different ways to use E-mail marketing

The great thing about e-mail marketing is it's so flexible in its utility.   You can design different templates for different purposes.

5 different ways to use emarketing

Here are 5 different suggestions on the types of email campaigns you could send.

1. Email Newsletters

As a basis for an ongoing relationship, there’s nothing better than an email newsletter providing reliable, regularly delivered, quality information on relevant and interesting topics. By their very nature, newsletters are sent regularly.  You can use email marketing platforms like mailerlite to set a schedule to mail subscribers weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, enabling you to regularly promote your news and events in a timely way.

Sending enewsletters are a great way of sending regular email campaigns

Email newsletters are widely used. They’re a common, proven communications tool that helps countless organisations achieve their brand awareness, customer retention, ad revenue, and other goals. Before you consider this method of communication you need to compile enough content for a subscriber list on a regular basis, otherwise, you are unlikely to see the business benefits of email newsletters. If they don’t want to start one just yet, you can always reconsider the option in the not-too-distant future.

Send a catalog email campaign to show off your latest new products
Send a catalog email campaign to show off your latest new products


2. Catalog Emails

Catalog emails are the electronic newsletters of the online retailer.  Depending on your business, the catalog can contain the same sections each time, or each issue might vary from the last. In building a catalog email, it might be easier to decide on a set number of items to include in each issue to make your process streamlined and consistent by using the same template each time.

3. Announcement Emails

A host of possibilities can spark the need to send an announcement email.  Announcement emails are usually used when you have time-critical information to tell your subscribers. Perhaps you have a limited-time offer that you want to promote? Or maybe you have been invited at the last minute to speak at a conference or industry event, and want to encourage your customers to attend.

One-off announcement emails are best kept short and contain just one call to action.

Often, there’ll be a minimal lead time for the announcement, so there’s a need to turn the job around quickly. So you might want to prepare a suitable template in advance; this will reduce the time it will take to get your announcements out to subscribers.

You can send email announcements with go fetch email marketing

4. Press Releases

Although they sound like announcements, press releases are more public relations than sales. Companies from all industries prepare press releases around corporate and governance developments, product or service launches and upgrades, community contribution and involvement, and so on.

It's handy to have a press release template ready for e marketing

Time frames around media release mailing tend to be tight at best, and unpredictable at worst so having a template designed ready in the email marketing software you use. Research shows that sending a press release including testimonials can boost your click-through rate.

5.  Sales and Sign-up Process Emails

If your sell products or services through your websites, you can use your email tool to prepare emails that support the purchase process. You can set the messages to mail through an email autoresponder to save you time and streamline your business.

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