5 Top social media trends for 2024

5 top social media trends for 2024

The world of social media is constantly changing. Here are my top social media trends for 2024 and how to adapt your strategy to stay ahead:

1. Social media to increasingly used as search engines

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, traditional search engines face their most significant challenge from social media channels. While social search is a relatively recent development, the ongoing enhancements and expansions of search functions on social media platforms indicate a sustained trend in the future. To stay ahead, prioritise keyword optimisation in your social media captions and profiles. Make sure you are creating content that addresses frequently asked questions within your niche, as educational content has a higher likelihood of appearing in search results, maintaining visibility for months following publication. You can ensure you start adding alt text to your social media images.

2. Short form video will continue to dominate

The popularity of short-form videos and live streaming is likely to continue. Social Media platforms will continue to enhance inbuilt video creation tools and features, encouraging users to share more video content. Videos continue to perform in engaging and retaining audiences so you need to bring video into your content mix if you're not already using it regularly.

3. More engagement via DMs

DMs are the preferred communication method for most social media users. So harness this by encouraging your audience to DM you with questions and feedback in your posts.

Customers will expect to be able to access customer service via your social media platforms so you need to be ready to handle such enquiries. One tip for small business owners is to set up automated responses for simple, frequently asked questions and the times of day when you are offline.

With an increase in AI generated content it’s important to remember your audience will continue to resonate more with autentic content!

4. Increase in AI generated content

With the rise in AI tools and easy access to them, you're likely to see more AI-generated social media content.  Whilst AI can help you get words on the page faster, brainstorm ideas, and create many variants of a specific message for testing, you need to customise the output. Why? Because authentic and honest content will still connect and hold more meaning for your audience! Your audience is looking for the feeling of engaging with a real person with interests and opinions.

5. Threads will continue to grow

Threads, created by the Instagram team as a major competitor to X (formerly Twitter), enhances your experience of sharing texts and engaging in public discussions. There are already 150 million users and the Threads team is constantly updating the app to introduce new features. As X continues to become unstable, more and more people are being pushed to Threads, therefore it's worth you starting to invest some time experimenting on Threads.

Things change quickly in Social Media so it’s hard to predict what’s actually going to happen, but these are my best guesses based on the trends I’m seeing!  Keeping up with all the emerging social media trends can be challenging so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date.  While I always advise you to plan your social media strategy, it's important to be flexible when it comes to rethinking or introducing the latest trends into your calendar.

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5 social media trends for 2024
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