6 Reasons your business can’t ignore instagram any longer

Many businesses have yet to realise the potential that Instagram could have for their business. Often businesses will opt for better well know social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. But Instagram is starting to make so much noise that can you really afford to ignore it anymore?

So here are six reasons you can’t afford to ignore Instagram for Business anymore:

more engagement on instagram than facebook

1. There is more Engagement on Instagram than Facebook

If you’ve been moaning about Facebook organic reach, you really need to get on Instagram. Data from the Pew Research Center has revealed that businesses get whopping 15 times the amount of engagement than they do on Facebook.

Users of Instagram are  rapidly  Increasing

2. Users of Instagram are Rapidly Increasing

In 2014, Instagram jumped in growth by 50% in a nine-month period. It’s one of the fastest ever growing social media platforms, which brings us onto point number 3:

3. Instagram Is Bigger Than Twitter

Instagram has now taken the lead. Twitter has been struggling to keep up with Instagram’s growth since late 2014. There are more active users on Instagram than there currently are on twitter.

Engagement Is Bigger on Instagram than4. Engagement Is Bigger on Instagram than twitter

We’ve already mentioned that Instagram’s engagement is incredible. In fact some stats from Crowdfire indicate that engagement on Instagram has shown up to 22 times the amount of engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

get ahead of the competion

5. You can get ahead of your competitors

Instagram has grown so fast that many businesses have failed yet to make use of this platform. So if you get started now you’ll be ahead of your competitors. Still not convinced? Number six should finally convince you……..

business on instagram are seeing INCREASED SALES

6 Businesses On Instagram Are Seeing Increased Sales

Awareness is the obvious benefit of Instagram but are there businesses out there who are successfully integrating it into their sales funnel and increasing sales by simply incorporating their product links in their bio.


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