About US

Not sure where to start?Purple Dog pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are right for you without any technical jargon. We're here to help you to grow your business.

We speak your language, and we're honest and upfront about our costs.  We know that you understand the need to have an online presence for your business or club but you probably just don't know where to start.

We're like a dog who won't let go of a bone when it comes to customer delight.

We're committed to helping your business grow with access to easy e-marketing solutions and helping you to get to grips with your social media for customer engagement.

We provide you with clean, responsive website design that coordinates and works with your offline brand.  If you haven't already noticed, we've had a few "pats on the head" for our work, which we're proud of.


Our Values



We believe that you get what you give. That is why we are fair and honest. There are no taboos for us, no double agendas. We are completely transparent about figures, hourly rates and ongoing costs upfront.



We always want to know how everything works; latest digital techniques and the endless updates to social media platforms! Being curious helps us constantly evolve and to be better tomorrow than today.



We believe in you getting value for your money.  That isn’t just about saving money! It is about ensuring that we are productive, efficient, effective, and economical when we work on a project with you.




We strive to deliver customer delight with a sense of warmth, friendliness and fun.  We’re in touch with every client during the whole project and make the process easy to understand without jargon.

Meet the Team

rebecca wade


Purple Dog was set up by Rebecca after witnessing too many of her friends being misguided by other digital marketing companies and ending up with a website costing more far more than the original quote. So, she decided to put her varied experience and empathy to good use.

Rebecca is passionate about helping small businesses with their online marketing. Her constantly curious and problem-solving nature means she learns new skills quickly in this fast-paced digital age.

Rebecca is a WordPress web designer, graphic designer, and social media manager. With her experience in teaching, she is also able to pass on these skills to empower others trying to find their way in the online world.
Tash Davies


Content Creator
Tash joined the Purple Dog payroll after an extreme vetting process from Head of Wellbeing Bingo, which was passed with flying colours because he's easily won over with cuddles and noms!

She has her own two dogs (Howard and Molly) plus a cat called Hugo. She omitted this vital piece of information from the vetting process so Bingo has no idea but it's okay as Hugo thinks he is a dog.

Tash has only joined us on a part-time basis, but she'll be bringing a wealth of expertise in content creation, WordPress website management and social media scheduling. She also shares the ethos of Purple Dog.


Graphic Designer
With over 20 years experience Becky is our "go to" graphic designer for logo design, branding and big design projects. Becky is also an awesome photographer and a fitness geek!
Matt is our resident photographer here at Purple Dog. Whilst still an amateur his work has been used on various websites and social media projects including Rosie Lea’s Kitchen and Setley Ridge Garden Centre.

His work is varied and besides his commercial work he enjoys taking urban and rural landscapes as well as photos of his adventures whilst out and about Geocaching. For further examples of Matt’s work, please visit Matt’s website.


Head of Wellbeing
Whilst Bingo has now retired over the rainbow bridge he is still very much with us in Spirit! Bingo the Office Dog often used to pop up on our social media channels and he appointed himself our “Head of Wellbeing”!

He was an expert in holiday booking, ensuring regular breaks are taken, work hours are not too long and food is eaten at the appropriate moment.

His other skills used to include “pho-dog-raphy“ with his gopro, swimming, geocaching and snoozing.
Purple Dog will give guidance in helping you choose the right options for promoting your business or club online.