About Purple Dog

Since launching Purple Dog in 2014 I’ve been helping businesses and individuals unleash their online presence with social media marketing and website design.

I understand that trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of Social Media can be challenging. I'm here to help break down the overwhelm and empower you to leverage the power of organic social media.  

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and training numerous individuals and groups, helping them understand the technical aspect of social media platforms and what they need to do tactically to produce the best results.

Purple Dog designs websites that can grow with your business and deliver without any technical jargon.



Purple Dog will give guidance in helping you choose the right options for promoting your business online.



I believe that you get what you give. That is why I am fair and honest. There are no taboos for me, no double agendas. I am completely transparent about figures, hourly rates and ongoing costs upfront.



I always want to know how everything works; latest digital techniques and the endless updates to social media platforms! Being curious helps me to constantly evolve and to be better tomorrow than today.



I believe in you getting value for your money.  That isn’t just about saving money! It is about ensuring that I am productive, efficient, effective, and economical when I work on a project with you.




I strive to deliver customer delight with a sense of warmth, friendliness and fun.  I'm in touch with every client during the whole project and make the process easy to understand without jargon.

Looking for someone to talk about social media?

People always love to learn more about Social Media, as an engaging Social Media speaker I can help

A Little About Me

I have a passion for wild swimming all year round!

Before training in marketing, I used to teach Secondary School Science.

Big dog lover (obviously!)

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