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Plan and Post with Canva Pro

Plan and post with Canva Pro

We've always been a big fan of Canva who make it easy for non-designers to create amazing social media designs.  We regularly recommend it in our social media courses and workshops. If nothing else if, you're scheduling for more than one platform the resize feature in the Pro version is worth the money alone in…

how to find leads on LinkedIn

How to Find Leads on LinkedIn Naturally

Prefer to listen? – add our podcast Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Spotify If you want to find leads on linked the first thing you need to remember is LinkedIn is NOT about sales: It’s about building connections and developing relationships with people who may (or may not) be interested in what you have to…

8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks

8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks

Here are 8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks.  When your website is new it can be hard to use backlinks to your site as an SEO strategy.  With SEO strategy, there's not one “big thing you can do to rank your website in search, but lots of little actions you need to take,…

3 easy ways to get more followers on Facebook

3 Easy ways to get more followers on Facebook

Prefer to listen? – add our podcast Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Spotify If you want to build an audience of loyal followers on any social media platform, consistency must be a part of your posting strategy. How many times a week you post is your choice and some quick market research will tell you…

Why a manage WordPress website is better for your business

Why a managed WordPress website with Purple Dog is better for your business

We're experts in WordPress and have recently upgraded our servers to be able to offer fully managed WordPress website hosting. Your website is an investment for your business so it's important that it's taken care of and doesn't cause you headaches! Are you experiencing any of the following scenarios with your website: site performance is…


Is your Brand Identity Consistent in these 4 important places?

Your brand identity is the image your company portrays to the world at large, to your customers or clients. When people look at your online presence, they should know what you do and that you bring value to the market. Your brand identity should be appealing to your target market and should be consistent in…

How to achieve awesome SEO on your website

How to achieve awesome SEO on your website

Or as we would of course say…. How to achieve “Pawsome” SEO for your website SEO (search engine optimisation) is a great addition to any online marketing effort. Proper implementation can lead to amazing results, with a higher search engine ranking leading to an increase in website visitors (traffic) and sales. So, what is SEO…

5 Things to Know About Finding Customers on LinkedIn

5 Things to Know About Finding Customers on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to make important business connections, LinkedIn is the best social media platform to use. You’ll find recruiters using LinkedIn to find job candidates; CEOs looking to grow their influence and build trust with buyers; and solopreneurs looking for freelancers to build their dream team. In the world of business relationships, you just…

Finalists New Forest Brilliance in Business Awards

Finalist in Brilliance in Business Awards

Purple Dog was a Finalist in the 2019 Brilliance in Business Awards. Back in September Bingo and I received an email from the New Forest Business Partnership inviting us to submit further information about the business as we had been nominated for an award – Outstanding Customer Care. Outstanding Customer Service Award sponsored by New…

Should I use emojis in Social Media_

Should I use emojis in social media?

Social media is a fast-paced, dynamic place where rules change by the minute. The better you are at adopting the habits of its users, and keeping up with trends, the better your results will be. So should you be using emojis in social media? Why use emojis in social media? Emojis help to convey a…

choose a website desigher

How to choose a website designer that's useful for you

How should you choose a Website Designer? With so many options it can be overwhelming. The array of web designers available is huge! So are the different website platforms. Should you have a completely bespoke, coded website? A WordPress content management system? Or even a ‘do it yourself' with a website builder like Squarespace or…

10 helpful things we learnt from a daring social media break

10 helpful things we learned from a daring Social Media break

Did you take a Social Media break? Over the festive period, you may well have taken the opportunity to have a bit of a digital detox. It's the time of year many people tend to focus on the family in front of us rather than our online connections. As a social media agency, we took…