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Hashtag it

How to use hashtags to power your social media

Hashtags are no longer just for Twitter.  You’ll now find Social Media Hashtags on most of the other major social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. Hashtags are powerful tools in social media as they enable you to tag keywords and phrases which enables interests and conversations to be tracked and of course…

How to get a great open rate for your email campaign

How to get a great open rate with Emarketing

When you are preparing to send out an email campaign to your customers or potential customers there are many factors to consider.  If you are going to send a campaign you want to ensure your email is actually going to get opened. Here are some top tips to ensure you get a great open rate.…

what website type?

What type of website do I need?

The web is the first place people turn to for quick access to the information they need. What it means to you, is that your online presence needs to be more effective than ever. You've recognised the need for your business to be online but you've started to shop around now you're not sure what…

dog house

Your friendly guide to email jargon

Next month we will be producing some useful blog posts for getting the best results for email marketing.   To make sure you don't miss any posts subscribe to receive our tips by email in the form on the right.   We thought we'd prepare beginners in advance with some of the terms that tend…

Social media aids SEO

8 benefits for using social media marketing

Like the fax machine of the 1980s and email of the 2000s, Social media marketing has gone from being a “business option” to being a “business essential”, but you still have time to get ahead of your competitors. The main benefits of running a social media campaign are: 1. Enhancing your trustworthiness You will see…

social media benefits

A quick guide to Social Media and its benefits

Facetube? Twitbook? Has social media got you all Well at Purple Dog we enjoy making things more simple, so below is our quick introductory guide to social media and how it can benefit your company. Social Media Benefits Facebook With over 900,000,000 users worldwide, Facebook is officially the world’s largest social network. Facebook is a…

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Why your business needs a website

Today a website is a necessity if you are going to be taken seriously by potential customers, competitors and your industry. [tweetthis]70% of the UK's population now has access to an internet connection – that's a big business opportunity you'll be missing out on if you don't have a web presence[/tweetthis] If you have a…

Taking care of the traffic twaddle - your friendly guide to website jargon

Traffic Twaddle – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part four

This is the final part in our series to help you demystify website designer speak.  Here at Purple Dog we like to talk to our customers in easy to understand the language but you might find this guide useful when shopping around for website design. Traffic Similar to a real−world sense of traffic on a…

Managing the Mumbo Jumbo - your friendly guide to website jargon

Managing the Mumbo Jumbo – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part three

This week we help you decipher more ‘Mumbo Jumbo' terms that tend to be banded around by Website designers.  At Purple Dog we like to speak the language of our customers so thought we'd demystify some of these commonly used terms you might hear used when you are shopping around for a new website.  This…

grasping the gobbledegook of website jargon

Grasping the Gobbledegook – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part two

It's hard to grasp some of the words that tend get used all the time by website designers.  Here at Purple Dog we're on hand to help you grasp what can feel like gobbledegook.   We like to speak the language of our customers so thought we'd demystify some of these commonly used terms you…

A friendly guide to website jargon

W.W.W? What Weird Words – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part one

Talking to web site designers can sometimes be like trying to listen to someone speak in French when you barely scrapped a C at school many years ago!  Here at Purple Dog we ditch the jargon, but just in case you want to compare us to some other website companies out there we've put together…