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How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Business Account

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Business Account

Finding the best Instagram hashtags for your business account can be challenging, particularly if you are new to the platform and when everyone seems to have a different strategy. Using the right Instagram hashtags can help you reach your customers and build your network.   What is a hashtag anyway? A hashtag is where the…

3 reasons you need a social media manager now

3 reasons you need a social media manager now

Social media management may seem like easy work. How hard can it be to post content to a couple of accounts every few days, right? Why would you want to pay for someone else to post your content? If you are facing any of these common issues below then it's time to reconsider and hire…

Why your website needs an xml sitemap

Why your website needs an xml sitemap

To help with SEO your website needs an XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a list of your website’s URL (the address of each page on your website).  That’s why it’s called a sitemap. It maps out how the website is structured and what the website includes.  XML stands for “Extensible Markup Language”, a way…

How to use social media to connect with your audience

How to use social media to connect with your audience

Social media marketing is not about selling. You should be using social media to connect with your audience. People, even your existing customers, don't follow you on social media to buy from you or to hear about your latest product or launch or webinar…. BUT when you talk about what goes on behind closed doors, they…

website maintenance

Website maintenance. Why does my site need it?

Website maintenance is never something you want to think about after you've had a new site designed. When website owners do think about it instead of it being viewed as a necessity, it’s often looked at as a chore. Unfortunately, it’s often a chore that never gets done. Your website was a significant investment for…

how to grow your email list online

Grow your email list by collecting email addresses online

To grow your email list is an essential requirement for any business. By getting people to sign up for your weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns you can stay in regular contact with your prospects and customers.  Building a targeted and invested email list of subscribers is hands down one of THE most important things you can do…

twitter website mentions

How to ensure you don't miss website mentions on twitter

Twitter does a great job of letting you know when someone mentions you in a tweet when they use your @username. However, it doesn’t notify you when someone mentions your website without using the @ handle. You might be surprised by how many hidden mentions you have! How to find missing website mentions: 1) Do…

social media image design tips

7 Simple Social Media Image Design Tips

Social Media image creation can seem quite daunting to the small business owner.  Graphic Design can seem overwhelming but now with free tools like Canva to help you get started, and social media images having more of an impact it's certainly worth investing some time to create some social media images. Here are 7 simple social media…

how and when to post to social media

Social Media Posting – Best and Worst Times to Post

Social media has become a powerful force in terms of traffic and revenue. When implemented and executed properly, a good social media marketing strategy can uplift a brand and make all the difference between an obscure small business and burgeoning start-up. If 2016 is the year you set some lofty social media goals and you’ve…

4 ways to grow your Instagram followers

4 ways to grow your Instagram followers

Instagram is currently our favourite social platform at Purple Dog.  The reason? Because it's the platform we see the most engagement on.  We have more of our audience liking our pictures, commenting and we find it easy to do the same with people we follow. So if you're interested in starting out on Instagram or…

HOW TO set social media goals

How to Set Social Media Goals

Social Media presence has become almost vital for all business – large, small or the self-employed.  Whether you like it or not, if you don't take steps and manage your online presence, your customers and clients will!  And sadly, it's normally the unhappy ones that will make the effort and announce their dissatisfaction.  Nowadays, just…

Social Media

Social Media Image sizing reference guide 2017

The age of the internet has afforded us an incredible amount connectivity. We can reach thousands, if not millions of people now through something as simple as social media. Marketing used to mean ad space in the local newspaper, but today it encompasses a variety of tactics, platforms, and strategies to reach and attract new customers. Platforms like Facebook,…