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social media image design tips

7 Simple Social Media Image Design Tips

Social Media image creation can seem quite daunting to the small business owner.  Graphic Design can seem overwhelming but now with free tools like Canva to help you get started, and social media images having more of an impact it's certainly worth investing some time to create some social media images. Here are 7 simple social media…

how and when to post to social media

Social Media Posting – Best and Worst Times to Post

Social media has become a powerful force in terms of traffic and revenue. When implemented and executed properly, a good social media marketing strategy can uplift a brand and make all the difference between an obscure small business and burgeoning start-up. If 2016 is the year you set some lofty social media goals and you’ve…

4 ways to grow your Instagram followers

4 ways to grow your Instagram followers

Instagram is currently our favourite social platform at Purple Dog.  The reason? Because it's the platform we see the most engagement on.  We have more of our audience liking our pictures, commenting and we find it easy to do the same with people we follow. So if you're interested in starting out on Instagram or…

HOW TO set social media goals

How to Set Social Media Goals

Social Media presence has become almost vital for all business – large, small or the self-employed.  Whether you like it or not, if you don't take steps and manage your online presence, your customers and clients will!  And sadly, it's normally the unhappy ones that will make the effort and announce their dissatisfaction.  Nowadays, just…

Social Media

Social Media Image sizing reference guide 2017

The age of the internet has afforded us an incredible amount connectivity. We can reach thousands, if not millions of people now through something as simple as social media. Marketing used to mean ad space in the local newspaper, but today it encompasses a variety of tactics, platforms, and strategies to reach and attract new customers. Platforms like Facebook,…

Using Visuals in Social media

Using visuals in Social Media

We have often recommended in the past to make full use of  Social Media Visuals.  In fact, all platforms are becoming more image-centric.  The reason being is we connect emotionally to images more than video, audio or text. People make decisions and take action quickly when prompted by images, rather than by reading a lot of…

Social media analytics

Social media analytics

Friday we discussed why it's important to see if what you're posting to social media is actually working for you.  We discovered this handy guide to social media analytics to get you thinking about what you are measuring….or not!

What works on social media?

What works on social media?

If you've been using social media for business for awhile, do you know what works on social media?  Have you learnt which content, timing, and frequency is right for you? It helps to have a sense of which social media stats to look for, where to look for them, and how to assess their success. Find your…

get efficient on social media

How to get efficient on social media

There are so many social media channels and so little time in business.  We've touched before on how to save yourself time on social media.  The secret is in the scheduling.  Then you'll have time to engage with and listen to your audience – the social part! Schedule your posts and work in batches Scheduling is the…

Power words to use in your social media

Power words to use in your social media updates

Friday we discussed how you need to use emotions to help connect and engage with your audience on social media. Whist this infographic from Coschedule suggests power words for Emotional Headlines using these words in your social media updates can help you to make that desired connection.

How to create emotional connection an on Social Media

How to create an emotional connection on Social Media

People on social media are there to be social.  So if you are going to get them to engage with your business and brand you need to make an emotional connection.  One of the most underrated factors in a businesses social strategy is the voice and social media tone they intend to use.  The way you…

grow your brand

How to grow your brand on social media networks

Friday we discussed how to make the right first impression on social media.  Following on from that post we thought we'd share this infographic from Boot Camp Digital which gives a tip for each network which will help you continue to make the right impression and grow your brand online.