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facebook takes on youtube

Facebook takes on Youtube; how to improve video on your Business Page

It’s no secret that YouTube is the top video site in the world, particularly given its search ranging features now it’s owned by Google. However, with Facebook recently introducing videos and call to action buttons on their native video uploads it’s no surprise that links and embeds of YouTube are attracting increasingly less engagement on […]

How to add video to Facebook natively

Here’s a quick tip to help you get your online presence groomed to perfection! For our Facebook video tip, we show you how to upload a video to Facebook natively.  By natively we man uploading it directly to Facebook and not linking from another provider like YouTube or Vimeo. Naturally, Facebook will favour native videos in the newsfeed […]

Why you should be using video marketing for your business

Why you should be using video marketing and 5 suggestions on how

Whether you’re a big enterprise with a professional video team or a small business owner with an iPhone, there’s a way to make video marketing work for you. Video is unique in its ability to convey a powerful message to viewers, in a way that static forms of content can’t. 80% of your online visitors […]

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How to build your Facebook audience in 8 easy steps

You have to grow and engage an audience in order for people to ‘hear’ all of the great things about your business. But, you’ve got to start somewhere. In this post, we’ll look at 8 simple steps you can take to grow your Facebook presence. 1. Invite relevant friends to Like your page After you’ve […]

email marketing

5 different ways to use E-mail marketing

The great thing about e-mail marketing is it’s so flexible in its utility.   You can design different templates for different purposes. Here are 5 different suggestions on the types of email campaigns you could send. 1. Email Newsletters As a basis for an ongoing relationship, there’s nothing better than an email newsletter providing reliable, regularly […]


5 key qualities to good webdesign

When getting started with your website design there are 5 key qualities that you need to bear in mind.  Follow these steps below for a great website: Usability With all the demands on our time these days people have short attention spans so a website that isn’t easy to use is likely to lose visitors […]

How to get a great open rate for your email campaign

How to get a great open rate with Emarketing

When you are preparing to send out an email campaign to your customers or potential customers there are many factors to consider.  If you are going to send a campaign you want to ensure your email is actually going to get opened. Here are some top tips to ensure you get a great open rate. […]

dog house

Your friendly guide to email jargon

Next month we will be producing some useful blog posts for getting the best results for email marketing.   To make sure you don’t miss any posts subscribe to receive our tips by email in the form on the right.   We thought we’d prepare beginners in advance with some of the terms that tend […]

Social media aids SEO

8 benefits for using social media marketing

Like the fax machine of the 1980s and email of the 2000s, Social media marketing has gone from being a “business option” to being a “business essential”, but you still have time to get ahead of your competitors. The main benefits of running a social media campaign are: 1. Enhancing your trustworthiness You will see […]

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Why your business needs a website

Today a website is a necessity if you are going to be taken seriously by potential customers, competitors and your industry. 70% of the UK’s population now has access to an internet connection – that’s a big business opportunity you’ll be missing out on if you don’t have a web presence. If you have a […]

Taking care of the traffic twaddle - your friendly guide to website jargon

Traffic Twaddle – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part four

This is the final part of our series to help you demystify website designer speak.  Here at Purple Dog we like to talk to our customers in easy-to-understand language but you might find this guide useful when shopping around for website design. Traffic Similar to a real−world sense of traffic on a road or freeway, […]

Managing the Mumbo Jumbo - your friendly guide to website jargon

Managing the Mumbo Jumbo – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part three

This week we help you decipher more ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ terms that tend to be banded around by Website designers.  At Purple Dog we like to speak the language of our customers so thought we’d demystify some of these commonly used terms you might hear used when you are shopping around for a new website.  This […]

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