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grasping the gobbledegook of website jargon

Grasping the Gobbledegook – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part two

It’s hard to grasp some of the words that tend to get used all the time by website designers.  Here at Purple Dog we’re on hand to help you grasp what can feel like gobbledegook.   We like to speak the language of our customers so thought we’d demystify some of these commonly used terms […]

A friendly guide to website jargon

W.W.W? What Weird Words – Your friendly guide to website jargon – part one

Talking to website designers can sometimes be like trying to listen to someone speak in French when you barely scraped a C at school many years ago!  Here at Purple Dog we ditch the jargon, but just in case you want to compare us to some other website companies out there we’ve put together a […]

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