Twitter does a great job of letting you know when someone mentions you in a tweet when they use your @username.

However, it doesn’t notify you when someone mentions your website without using the @ handle. You might be surprised by how many hidden mentions you have!

How to find missing website mentions:

1) Do a Twitter Search

In the Twitter search box, enter your web address (including the http:// or https://), followed by a space, a dash (-), and your Twitter username. For example, we entered: -purpledoguk

Twitter search

Search Twitter for website mentions without username mentions.

When you add a dash before a word, that word is excluded from the search. In this case, you’re excluding your Twitter username so the results don’t include mentions or replies. There’s no point in including mentions in the search because you’ve already been notified of them in Notifications.

After you run your search, you’ll see tweets that link to your website but don’t mention your company’s Twitter handle.

Review your search results to see who has tweeted links to your website without mentioning your Twitter handle.

Now you know what people are tweeting about your website and you can start engaging with users to generate leads and opportunities to build relationships.

Set Up an Email Notification

Manually searching Twitter every day for missing website mentions can be time-consuming. With IFTTT, you can set up a recipe so you’ll automatically receive an email notification when someone tweets a link to your website.

  1. Set up a free IFTTT account.
  2. Click on My Recipes, followed by the Create a Recipe button.To create the trigger, which is when there’s a new search result for your website mention in Twitter. To do this, click the This link.

IFTT3. Choose Twitter for the trigger channel. Start typing Twitter in the search box and click the Twitter icon when it appears:

twitter trigger channel

4) select the New Tweet from Search option for the tweet form search

5) Use the Twitter search query from before: Enter your website URL, followed by space, a dash, and then your Twitter username. When you’re finished, click the Create Trigger button. Enter the Twitter search text for the trigger:

complete the trigger field

6) Create the action for the recipe.This is the part of the recipe that will send the email to you. Click on the That link in the “If This Then That” text:


7. Select Mail for the action channel by typing “mail” in the search box and then clicking the Email icon.

choose email as an action

8.  Now, you’ll compose the email that’s triggered when someone links to your website in a tweet. You can choose the wording for the subject and body of the email. Be sure to include the username of the author of the tweet, the tweet text, and the link to the tweet itself (so you can click on that link to reply).

To add this information, click on the blue flask icon to the right of each field. Here’s an example.

ifttt complete action fields

9. When you’re finished, click Create Action. The next screen shows your finished recipe. Once you click Create Recipe, your alert service is set up.

That's it ! Now you will never miss a website mention on twitter again.


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