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Next month we will be producing some useful blog posts for getting the best results for email marketing.   To make sure you don't miss any posts subscribe to receive our tips by email in the form on the right.   We thought we'd prepare beginners in advance with some of the terms that tend to get used in email marketing.  So here is our email marketing 101 guide:

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This is someone who has signed up or opted in to receiving your emails.

Single Opt-In

Single Opt-In is a method of opting into an email list where a user simply confirms that he or she wants to be on the email list when he or she signs up and is not required to click a second confirmation link in an email that is sent to him or her afterwards.

Double Opt-In

This form of opting in to an email list requires a user to confirm twice that they want to be included on the list. The first time is when they click their acceptance of your email service terms and conditions and add themselves to the list. The second time is when they click a confirmation link sent to them in an email immediately after signing up. While this may reduce overall quantity of email sign-ups, it often increases overall quality of sign-ups.


Program that generates tests which most humans can pass, but computer programs can’t. This verifies the user as human when a form submit button has been activated. This is an example:


Email List

This is the list of people's email addresses who have opted in to receive emails from you.

Landing Page

A landing page is the first page of a site that a visitor sees after clicking through from an email.


This is an email message that is automatically triggered and automatically sent after a user signs up for an email list with no ongoing effort by the sender.

Email hard and soft bounceSoft Bounce

Soft bounces usually mean the recipient is “temporarily unavailable.” Maybe they’re on vacation, or their mailbox is full.  The email cannot currently be received.

Hard Bounce

Hard bounce – mean an email address failed. Maybe it no longer exists, or maybe someone made a typo when they subscribed to a list. But hard bounces might also be spam filter.



Common name for unwanted or unsolicited email that makes its way into a recipient's email box.  Don't get in the dog house,  make sure the people you are sending emails too want to receive them!

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Subject Line

The subject line of your email that appears in a user's inbox when he or she receives your email. To be SPAM compliant, the subject line must accurately reflect what will be in the content of the email once opened.


Another email term for opting-out, or otherwise telling the sender of an email that you no longer wish to receive future emails. To be Spam complaint you must offer all recipients or subscribers a valid and easy way to opt-out or unsubscribe.

Call to action

Any portion of a landing page or email that drives a user to take a specific action, such as to click a link or to purchase a product or to provide an email address.

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