How Instagram Carousels Can Skyrocket Your Reach

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most engaging formats businesses can use on the platform. Over the years, the variety of posts that you can share on your Instagram feed has transformed, ranging from single images to carousel posts and videos.

What is an Instagram Carousel Post?

An Instagram carousel is a post with up to 10 photos or videos can that can be swiped through horizontally.

Users can identify a carousel post as a small square icon will appear in the upper right corner of the post. As viewers swipe to the second image or video, the icon will be replaced by a counter indicating the number of frames in the carousel. Progress through the carousel is marked by small dots that appear at the bottom of the post.

Example of a instagram carousel post

Using Instagram carousels to skyrocket your Reach

Here are some reasons why using carousel posts on Instagram can help increase your reach:

1. Followers spend more time on a carousel post

When you use carousel posts, you give your followers more content to engage with. This means that they are more likely to spend more time on your post, which increases your engagement rate. As we know, Instagram's algorithm favours posts with high engagement rates, so this can help you reach more people organically.

Using carousel posts allows you to share different types of content in a single post. For example, you can share a mix of photos, videos, and GIFs. This variety can help you keep your content fresh and interesting, which can lead to increased engagement.

2. Instagram carousel posts have increased feed visibility

Carousel posts often surface in users’ feeds more than once, doubling (or tripling) the opportunity for likes, comments, and shares.

3. Instagram carousels Increase engagement through storytelling

Carousel posts allow you to tell a story through a sequence of images or videos. You can use this to showcase your products or services, share behind-the-scenes moments, or even share user-generated content. Storytelling is an excellent way to capture your followers' attention and keep them engaged with you.

4. It's easier to get your followers to take action on a carousel post.

Users like to swipe! With carousel posts, you can include a call-to-action.  This can help you direct your followers to your website via your bio, encourage saves, likes or more comments.

add a call to action

Ultimately, Instagram carousels will help you build deeper relationships with your Instagram followers through engaging content. Engaging content is then favoured by the Instagram algorithm and can therefore help you reach more people organically.  So, start experimenting with carousel posts and see how they can help you increase your reach on Instagram.

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How Instagram Carousels Can Skyrocket Your Reach

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