How often you should send email campaigns

We all want to send email campaigns in the best frequency…..we don't want to send too little that our customers forget us or worse think we've forgotten them, we don't want to send too many that the emails start becoming “eblasts” and subscribers stop paying attention – or worse; get annoyed!

So just how often should you send out an email to your subscribers? Every day? Monthly? Quarterly?

How often should you send emails?

It’s very tempting to think, “If I send out more emails, I’ll get more click throughs, and more sales!” However, various email marketing research suggests that:

[tweetthis]Sending out emails too often is one of the leading factors that leads our readers to unsubscribe.[/tweetthis]

Research also shows that the more frequently emails get sent, the lower the individual campaign click-through rate was achieved. Therefore this indicates as you send more, engagement per campaign goes down.

Engagement is not independent of frequency. We want to choose our send frequency to maximize total clicks in a period.

Sadly, there isn’t necessarily one answer that fits everyone. Research shows that optimal send frequency varied by the user. The optimal frequency varies based on your audience and their expectations for your content.

So here's what Purple Dog advise:

First and foremost it's the content that counts!  Never send an email that isn't well prepared, designed and useful to your customers in some way.  Don’t try to come up with “filler” content just to justify a more frequent email schedule.

its the content of your email that matters
Send email campaigns a minimum of once per month:
anything less than once per month is no longer a regular update. The emails start to get so far apart that you’re losing most of the big advantages of email marketing — you’re no longer keeping your company in the forefront of customers’ minds.

send email campaigns at least monthly
Send emails a maximum of once per week: moving down from monthly, the weekly campaign is another very effective frequency. While some companies can have very effective daily email campaigns, that frequency is definitely in the minority, and many, many people will simply unsubscribe or even report the emails as spam. Clickthroughs and opens both drop dramatically once you get more frequent than weekly.

send email campaigns no more than once a week

So a happy compromise can mean that every two weeks is the best frequency for getting the most people to see your emails without burning out your subscriber list. This may be a good starting point on which to plan your campaigns around and then monitor your results and adjust according and see what works best for you.

We provide an emailing service that you can manage yourself or enlist our help for managing campaigns.  Or we can help you manage content in any existing service provider such as MailChimp or constant contact.  Contact us today to get help with your email campaigns.

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