How to choose your twitter profile picture

First impressions are everything in business and twitter isn't really that different.  So getting your twitter profile picture right is important.  Choosing the correct picture for your twitter profile isn’t an exact science however it is imperative to have one and put some thought into it. Your twitter profile picture often appears alone, without context, so it needs to say something about you or your business.

How to choose the right profile picture

Here is a quick guide to what type of twitter profile picture to choose:

Using a Portrait Photo for your twitter picture

Portraits are the most commonly used profile images as they are personable and readily available. However, there is a skill to choosing the right portrait.

  • Try to limit the frame to head & shoulders – crop a good photo before uploading if necessarily.  Any more in the photo frame and you’ll be almost unrecognisable as the picture changes size on different devices.
  • If you are looking to engage on Twitter, ensure your avatar is both friendly and approachable. You want people to talk to you after all.  Here's a good example from @callaghanmatt below:twitter profile picture
  • Be creative! You will be one of the hundreds of avatars seen daily, so to get noticed you need to stand out. Avoid images where you blend into the background or are not distinguishable from your surroundings. @RyanSeacrest makes clever use of his profile image below:


There are however pros and cons to choosing a portrait as your avatar. Successful portrait avatar users include, freelancers and consultants or those individuals who have a strong individual brand. Those who portraits don’t work so well for include, businesses who are not fronted by an individual. If a business is new then portraits can be unfamiliar to new customers and can be confusing if they were to change, in which case you are better opting for a logo.

Using a Logo for your twitter picture

Logos are widely used on Twitter and other social networks, though surprisingly not as often as portraits even by businesses. Successful brands who choose to use their logo as their profile balance out the personalisation aspect in their content and bio.

Important things to remember when choosing a logo are:

  • Use an image that doesn’t get distorted or hard to read when uploaded.  The image is square: 73px x 73px.
  • If your brand is not widely known, try to include some imagery that describes what you do.  Make sure any sub-text is legible
  • Much like using a portrait avatar there are pros and cons to using a logo too. The pros, of course, are that it is easily recognisable by customers and spreads your brand awareness even further as message is spread across the web. The cons, however, are it is less personal than a portrait photo and some people don’t like to talk to a brand.

twitter profile using logo

How to make sure your twitter profile picture looks great:

  • Use a square image or an image that can be cropped to square as it will be viewed as a square image on your profile
  • Use a high-quality image as it may be viewed in larger sizes
  • Check the file size. The maximum size is 700k
  • The file types you can use are JPG, GIF, PNG

If you want help getting your twitter profile in tip-top shape we can create your images for you so you can create the right professional impression.  If you want more help with twitter we have more articles you might find useful.

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