How to get a great click through rate using E marketing

We’ve previously discussed how often you should send your email campaigns and how to get a great open rate.  This week we will turn our attention to click-through rate.

Click through rate is when subscribers to your emails, not only open them but then click on any of the links contained within your sent email.  Usually, click-through rate (CTR), not open rate click rate is a more honest metric, and it’s more closely tied to sales for online retailers.

87% of clicks will happen when a reader opens an email for the first time.

What kind of click-through rate can you expect?

The average click-through rate for an email campaign is 3.15%


How to improve your click-through rate using E marketing

The best way to always have a solid click-through rate is by building a permission-centric, opt-in database of contacts using inbound marketing. The logic behind this is simple: People who want to receive your email are much more likely to love it and click on it than people who have never heard of you.

Here are 5 more top tips:

1) Create an urgent call to action

This tactic that works particularly well for product marketers by putting limits on your offers. This forces readers to redeem them quickly, increasing your click-through rate.

Create an urgent call to action

2) Segment your list

Not emailing the same thing to everyone on your list, you can increase the relevance of each email you send, which also increases the engagement.  Aside from preventing you from annoying email recipients with irrelevant offers, list segmentation lets you provide a more targeted offer, increasing the likelihood your reader will click-through

3)  Use share buttons

Including even just one social sharing option could generate as much as 30% higher click-through rates as people might know a friend who will find your offer or email content useful:

Include social sharing options

4) Keep it short and sweet

Keep emails short to increase the likelihood that email recipients will encounter your offer before getting bored and deleting it. If you have too much to say split it up into a series of emails over the course of several weeks.

keep emails short and sweet

5) What’s the one big thing?

What’s one thing do you want the reader to do? If your goal is to get more Facebook fans with this email, then that’s what you should write copy around, and that’s the call-to-action you should highlight in your email. Don’t give readers the opportunity to get distracted by your blog posts, product pages, or any other part of your site.  Focus on one thing and one call to action in each email.  

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