There are so many social media channels and so little time in business.  We've touched before on how to save yourself time on social media.  The secret is in the scheduling.  Then you'll have time to engage with and listen to your audience – the social part!

get efficient on social media

Schedule your posts and work in batches

Scheduling is the secret weapon for consistent, excellent sharing, day after day.  Some social media networks, like Facebook, have built-in scheduling tools.  Others like Twitter and Instagram do not.  If you are creating content for more than one platform then you will find some kind of tool to schedule useful.

We use Sprout Social, an easy to use tool for social media.  It allows you to create all the content and updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and LinkedIn that you want.  You can create posts all at once, and it allows your posts to be sent out according to whatever schedule you choose.

Schedule your posts

Set aside time for engagement

Whilst we recommend batching your posts ahead of time, you can't automate engagement.  You need to set aside time daily for engagement so when people talk to you, you talk back. These are conversations with potential customers, references, friends, and colleagues. They’re too important to ignore.

One way to stay up on all the conversations that are happening around you and your company is to create a system for listening. Tools like Mention will send you an alert every time you’re mentioned online.  You can also do custom searches and email alerts for mentions on specific networks, too. Sprout Social also has a built-in function for this.

If you're still finding it difficult to stay on top of scheduling content contact us for help managing your social media.

Next week we look at what works with social media.

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Rebecca is passionate about helping others choose the right options for promoting their business or club online. Her constantly curious and problem solving nature make her able to learn new skills quickly. Yet as a qualified Secondary School teacher make her empathetic and able to pass on these skills to empower others trying to find their way in the online world.