How to optimise your Instagram Bio

Why does your Instagram business profile bio matter so much?

It's a small area that people only see when they visit your profile so why does your Instagram bio matter so much?

In most cases, people will visit your profile as they discover you through an Instagram hashtag or by clicking through from a paid post or share on Stories. With just seconds to make a great first impression, your bio for Instagram is one of the best ways to convert Instagram visitors into followers!

So this needs to be optimised to help people understand why they should care about your business and press the follow button!

5 steps to optimise your instagram bio

Step 1: Name and Username

Optimising your instagram bio

First of all your username can have up to 30 characters, and should ideally be the same across other social platforms.  That way if people want to mention you on platforms it's easiest for them to do so!

Your name field, however, is completely separate from your username and this is a rarely used SEO feature.  You can customise your name within your Instagram bio to reach even more people as they search within Instagram by thinking carefully about the keywords they might use.

Step 2: Visual identity

Your Instagram profile picture is often one of the first things people will notice. Again, it's best to keep this profile photo consistent across all social media platforms you are active on, that way people can easily recognise you.

If you’re a business on Instagram, using your logo (or a shortened version of your logo) as your profile picture can help with long-term brand recognition

If you’re an entrepreneur — like a photographer, strategist, or life coach — you may want to use a headshot as your Instagram profile picture

How to optimise your instagram bio

In addition to your profile photo make sure you maximise the use of Instagram Story Highlights as they appear directly under your Instagram bio and play as a stand-alone story when someone taps on them — they’re perfect for sharing valuable information about your business. They should include categories that tell instantly what you do and how you can help the visitor to your profile.

Step 3: Crafting your bio

A good Instagram bio explains what you do in a few short sentences or bullet points. Think of it as a 150-character business pitch! You want to speak directly to your target audience, make your brand stand out from competitors, and add a bit of personality.  Formatting such as line breaks and spacing makes it easier to read and emphasise important information at a glance. Emojis could be used as bullet points

Step 4: Link & Call to action

How to use instagram highlights

Since Instagram only gives you one link on your profile, it’s a good idea to use the last line of your bio to tell visitors what’s in it for them if they click your link. This is where a strong Call to action becomes invaluable.

Here are some examples you could try:

    • Grab your free [insert name of lead magnet here]
    • Get started today
    • Treat yourself today
    • Join the action
    • Unlock VIP deals

Step 5: Buttons

Switching to an Instagram business profile gives you the ability to add key contact information directly to your Instagram bio.

Visitors can quickly email, make a phone call, or be given directions to your location.

Instagram buttons

If you haven't updated your Instagram bio in a while now's the time to give it a bit of a makeover, maximise the potential of this space and turn visitors into followers!

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