How to use Instagram Reels for Business for massive growth

As a business owner, you're probably already doing a lot online to promote your business and Instagram Reels may seem like one feature too many to cope with! Especially if you've not created video content before. But, you can use Instagram Reels for business to grow!

If you've been struggling with low engagement, want more followers and exposure for your business, keep reading so you can discover how to use Instagram Reels

How to use Instagram Reels for business

What are Instagran Reels?

Instagram Reels are a way to create and discover short, entertaining
videos. They can be, 15, 30 or 60-second videos. (90 seconds may be rolled out later this year)

Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery.  They can include either the original audio, a voiceover or songs. They also can include edited features like text overlays, adjustments to the video clips, filters, and more. 

How to use Instagram Reels for Business

Instagram Reels are everywhere on the platform.  Instagram announced its shift to focus on entertaining content as opposed to photo content, so by creating reels over photo content you are more likely to get organic reach!

Reels can be viewed on almost any area of Instagram, and as a user, you’ll see Reels that show up in multiple locations, such as:

  • On the reels page (the button now central to the middle of the app at the bottom bar!)
  • In your feed
  • On the explore page
  • They have their own section in a users profile
  • Shared in stories

So it's more important than ever to embrace this short-form video content.

Why Instagram Reels are great for growing your business

You may be wondering how to use this feature for your brand or business.  Not all reel videos are dancing or pointing at text!!

Here are 5 ways to use Instagram reels for growing your business:

1. Showcase your products

Video content is great for helping you to better showcase your products.  You can actually show the benefits of your product in video form. There are so many ways you can use reels to showcase your products such as tutorials, customers using them, up close angles of your product, demos and more!

Here's an example:

2. Share a Tip or Tutorial

Think about what tips, how-tos, hacks, or resources you can share in the form of a 15-second video. This gives great value to your audience, gets them to like know and trust you and a reason to follow you.

Here's an example:

3. Go behind the scenes

People love to see behind the scenes of a business.  It gives you a chance to connect with your community on a more personal level.  It makes you relatable, approachable, and more human. Showing the hard work and fun that goes into making it.

Here's an example:

4. Demonstrate a transformation: Before and After

This really helps you to showcase what you do and create a wow factor!

People can see the transformation in a few seconds.

Here's an example:

5. Content that inspires

People often follow accounts to be inspired. In what way do you help people get a little bit more of what they want or inspire them to take action?

Here's an example:

Reels are here to stay and in fact, have just launched on Facebook worldwide too! If you're ready to start making the most of Instagram Reels for your business but confused with where and how to get started or tried and feel they just take too long to make our Instagram Reels course can help.

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