How to write a great about page for your website

Do you keep putting off your about page on your website?  Every site needs an About Page yet many people freak out at the prospect of putting one together.  At Purple Dog it was the one of the last pages we wrote and published for our site because it's hard to know how to strike the balance between promoting yourself without being overbearing.

A good "About Us" page should not be all "Me, Me, me!"

Although it seems like a natural place on your website to talk about yourself, a strong about page is really about connecting with your potential customers.  You want to communicate that you have what they need or want whilst not sounding like you are bragging. This is your chance to connect with them, keep them intrigued, and convince them beyond a doubt that you’re the person they should work with. Above all, your readers want to know what you can do for them.

how to write a great about page

1. Instigate feeling

Grab your audience with an opening statement that stimulates feeling. Demonstrate that you know why they’ve visited your site — what solution do you have for their problem.

2. Build Rapport

This second section of your About page is a short paragraph that allows people to decide for themselves whether or not they’re interested in what you do.
You want to use your best communication skills here to build rapport. Get into your readers’ heads and make them think you understand them so well that you’re reading their minds. Be on a mission to help them. Try to add some humour and build trust.

Blow your own trumpet3. It's important to blow your own trumpet - but quietly

We love recommendations and reviews by our peers; what others say about us can hold more weight than what we say about ourselves. So, let others speak for you. Provide testimonials so your readers have social proof.

4. Seal the deal

Once you’ve established that you care about your customers, they’ll want to learn more about you. Here is where you want to make that personal connection so state why you do what you do and your mission, sum up your background and include photos - your readers want to see faces and learn names. People connect with people.

5. Keep in touch

If you’ve successfully intrigued your potential customers, make sure they have more than one opportunity to sign up to your email list or contact you.

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