How to Write Great Calls to Action on Social Media

Using a call to action in social media posts is essential.  A call to action (CTA)is a prompt encouraging visitors to engage in a particular action.

In social media, a call to action could guide your followers to comment, make a purchase, or subscribe to your newsletter, among other possibilities. The specific call to action may be presented as text within the image, in the caption, or on a dedicated CTA button.

A social media post lacking a CTA fails to instruct your followers on their next steps. Even if they pause to read your post, the absence of guidance leaves them uncertain about how to proceed with the information, often resulting in mere absorption and a swift move forward.

5 Tips for writing great calls to action on social media

1. Be specific

Rather than a generic "Sign up for our newsletter," opt for a more precise approach like, "Subscribe to our weekly travel newsletter for the latest flight deals."

Additionally, maintaining a single CTA per post is advisable. Multiple CTAs in one post can potentially overwhelm your readers with excessive information, leading to a loss of their interest.

2. Use action words

You aim to motivate your audience into action—now is not the moment for subtlety.

Employing compelling, explicit, and directive verbs (also known as command words) in your CTAs can reduce decision fatigue. Consider using expressions such as:

  • “Start your free trial”
  • “Access my guide”
  • “Receive your free instant quote”
  • “Explore dog hammocks”
  • “List jobs for free”

3. Keep it friendly

Promote a connection by incorporating "you" and "your" into your copy. This simple technique adds a personal touch to your message, steering away from a sales pitch vibe.

4. Create a sense of urgency

Few things are more alluring than a time-limited offer. Leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO) by incorporating terms like "now," "today," or "this week only" in your CTA to prompt people to act immediately.

5. Focus on benefits

Features represent the actions or functionalities of your product or service, whereas benefits encompass what your customer derives from those features.

For instance, rather than stating, “Enroll in my 6-week course on social marketing,” consider something along the lines of, “Discover the secrets to earning six figures through Instagram sales!”

While both CTAs may lead readers to the same outcome, the second one is notably more captivating, emphasising the gains for those who sign up.

20 social media call to action examples

20 smart social media call to action examples

If you're geared up to start writing but could use a bit of inspiration, take a look at these excellent examples of social media CTAs.

CTAs for creating urgency

  • Hurry! Offer ends soon!
  • Don’t miss this! Only 3 spots left!
  • Claim your 7 FREE day trial now, sign up to get started.
  • Join for an entire month FREE, this week only.

CTAs for when you want more engagement on your posts

  • Hurry! Offer ends soon!
  • Don’t miss this! Only 3 spots left!
  • Claim your 7 FREE day trial now, sign up to get started.
  • Join for an entire month FREE, this week only.
  • Comment reserve my seat and we’ll DM you the link to the webinar!

CTAs for service based businesses

  • Not sure what you need? Tell me your biggest challenge below and I’ll DM you with a few thought starters.
  • Book your demo today, visit our website and we’ll get it scheduled and in the calendar.
  • Let’s start a new project together, email me for a quote!
  • Need more tips like these? Stay ahead by joining our exclusive email community
  • Book your discovery call today and together we’ll explode your business in 2024

CTAs for product based businesses

  • Get Yours before they're all gone
  • Treat yourself
  • Limited stock so add to cart now
  • Available now, get it!
  • Don't miss out, shop now!

So, the next time you share a post on social media, don't underestimate the impact of a carefully constructed CTA – it's the catalyst for turning interest into action. Remember to keep your call to actions concise, clear, and aligned with your marketing goals.

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How to write great calls to ation for social media
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