Instagram is where the cool kids hang out

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network at the moment.  It has over 300 million active users on its Photo and short video based sharing platform.  Typically Instagram users are under 30 years but this is changing.  It isn’t just used to post selfies, Instagram is becoming an assist for brands to reach more and more potential customers.  Because of its fast growth rate and due to its recent purchase by Facebook it could be a good platform for businesses to get on now.
instagram is the cool social mediaCurrently, it can be accessed on the web from a computer, but users can only upload and share photos or videos from their mobile devices.  Like Twitter, it uses hashtags to add descriptive ‘tags' to the photo or video making it easier for users of the same interest to find you.  Unlike Twitter, you can use multiple hashtags for each photo.  To make an impact typically you would need to post daily but there is better engagement per post than most of the other social media networks out there currently.

Due to its visual nature there is a need for good, quality images so it can be great for physical products or if you work in a visual medium; such as photographers, artists, architects, designers, food-based businesses, fashion and accessories.  However, other types of businesses are managing to successfully use it in creative ways as it's great for building brand awareness and show off your business's personality.  Have a look at our account to see how we're using it.

Tomorrow, we'll wrap up our series on helping you choose the right social media platform for your business with a summary of all the accounts covered so far and some advice on getting started on social media, whichever platform you choose.

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