Is Pinterest the missing hole in your content strategy?

As business owners, we create a lot of content that is posted to social media platforms.

When you put your craft content and publish it out into that social feed, you’re often crossing your fingers that people get a chance to see your hard work. And it’s great when they do! When they engage with your post or click through to your website that's great. But what about 2 weeks from now?

Don't get me wrong, I love platforms like Instagram, I get benefit in using it strategically and I enjoy the community there too! But often content there is short-lived.  Posts gain traction for 48 hours at best and even the newer short-form content of reels lasts only a week or two.

Pinterest is the best social media platform that drives traiffic toyour website

Pinterest however, can serve me months after posting.  It continues to drive traffic back to my website. Pinterest is a unique social media platform because it actually functions more like a search engine. Unlike other social media platforms, this means you can use Pinterest to attract a lot more long-term traffic. That’s why I create and publish pins for nearly everything I create. The Instagram posts that become blogs, the Instagram story quick tips are pinned, and the podcast episodes that I want people to be able to find when they go looking for them long after they’ve been released.

Pinterest fills in the final gap in the content strategy. So many business owners miss this step, letting their words and graphics and beautiful photos slip into the abyss of the internet.

Pinterest gained 100 MILLION new users during the pandemic. So if Pinterest is missing in your content strategy maybe it's time to take another look at this platform. If you need help with Pinterest get in touch for training or strategy planning.

Is pinterest the missing part of your content strategy? Why Pinterest is the best Social Media Platform for driving traffic to your website
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