LinkedIn is like a formal Dinner Party

LinkedIn is the most formal of social networks. Created with the professional workplace in mind it’s like attending a dinner party full of well educated, professionals.  With 347 million LinkedIn users you are likely to connect with a variety of people and businesses but only 40% are active daily.  Because of this it is a “lower maintenance” network with posts only needing to be made 2 to 4 times a week to make an impact with those who are more active.

linkedin is lke a formal dinner party

Because of it’s professional nature the conversation tends to be serious and is more about making business connections and making introductions and recommendations to others. Consequently it can be good for business to business and of course recruitment.

Businesses that tend do well are finance, solicitors, insurance, journalists, and Freelancers.

Tomorrow we move onto Pinterest to uncover their audience and whether it’s the right place for your business.

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