Website Design for RE:SETRE:SET has been set up by T Bovingdon.  T is a successful serial entrepreneur and business leader.  In the past, she has built a number of businesses and concepts from scratch.

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer T took an integrative approach and coupled my medical procedures with an extensive range of holistic practices and a complete RE:SET of my diet and nutrition. It resulted in what they called a 'complete pathological response' and was given the all-clear within 6 months.

She set up RE:SET  to help others with their happiness, health and wellbeing.


T Bovingdon

RE:SET Founder

I knew what I wanted to say but had no idea how to use technology or social media.  Rebecca and Purple Dog were amazing and provided such an incredible service. 


They became my digital and marketing team and it felt that they knew and cared about my business and the message.  They created a stunning website and handled all of the social media content and output for me.


Cannot recommend them highly enough.  I wouldn't go anywhere else. Tx