Safe passwords; how to create and remember them!

Everyone knows they should use complex passwords, but that doesn’t mean they always do. The reason being of course it that by using a good password, such as:“3YchcpyE5m:k_:3z|CR"” - doesn’t exactly make for easy recall!  It's really common for passwords to be similar to your spouse’s name, “123456” or the dreaded “password" and whilst they might be easily to remember; their easy to crack.


Good passwords should have a minimum of 8 characters; include an uppercase letter & number.

The other mistake people commonly make is to have the same password for EVERYTHING.

The problem here is that should an online service suffers a data breach there’s a risk that an intruder will discover your password and gain access to your account. That danger is multiplied if the compromised password has been used across multiple sites.

Safe passwords;how to create and

Unless you are blessed with a great memory, it’s impossible to remember half a dozen mixed-case, alphanumeric, special-character inclusive, lengthy random keys – so it’s no surprise that people resort to reusing passwords.

Thankfully there is a solution out there - password vaults:

Password Vaults

Password vaults or password managers hold all your different online passwords for you.  Whilst this might initially seem like putting all your eggs in one basket it's more secure than having the same password for everything and evidence so far is that the password managers are secure.

Here are some suggestions for Password vaults:


What we like about 1password is that you can keep your critical information with you wherever you go. 1Password can sync your data across all your devices and keep them up to date automatically.   It also has a password generator and you can create additional vaults and share them securely with your family or team members. Automatic syncing keeps everyone up-to-date. The downside is the cost.



Zoho Vault

If you are looking for similar features but on a budget then Zoho Vault could be your solution. Zoho vault is free unless you really need to manage access for large teams. It also claims an auto-login feature (although in our experience this does not work for all sites).

zoho vault


If it’s just your passwords you need to look after and want a no frills, easy to use and easy to access system then Padlock might be great for your needs. Padlock is available in the Chrome Web Store and on iOS but an Android version is coming soon.  It also generates safe passwords for you



If you're using an too easily remembered password we suggest you review your online security and consider changing them.

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