Should I use emojis in social media?

Social media is a fast-paced, dynamic place where rules change by the minute. The better you are at adopting the habits of its users, and keeping up with trends, the better your results will be. So should you be using emojis in social media?

Should I use emojis in Social Media_

Why use emojis in social media?

Emojis help to convey a message

In written content, facial expressions and tone of voice are missing and these can help be communicated with the use of emojis. Emojis are often used to amplify the meaning behind a message have in text and message conversation.

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Emojis are international

Emojis they are universally understood. Even if we can’t read the language the caption is written in, we easily interpret emojis!

Emojis capture attention

If you use emojis at the beginning or end of each sentence it draws attention to your content. You can also use emojis to create interest and dress up a post and make it seem more fun. Emojis help to invoke emotion in your followers and this strategy helps boost engagement in your likes and comments!

See how @tamiulrich on instagram uses emojis to capture attention and interest to her instagram posts

Emojis increase engagement

  • On Twitter, using emojis results in 25.4% more engagement.
  • On Facebook, using emojis results in 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares.
  • On Instagram, nearly 50% of all comments and captions contain emojis.
Should I use emojis in Social Media

Should you always use emojis in social media?

Some people will argue that their brand is too serious to utilise emojis.  But you have to consider that Social media users are emoji users, and these are the people you are trying to reach.  Of course, you need to be careful about emoji use for serious matters. If you think there’s a chance that someone might be offended, don’t use the emoji. Don’t make light of a serious situation with an emoji, just leave it out.  The golden rule to remember is to use emojis for your business the way you’d use them for everyday private communication.  Still not sure if emojis are right for your social media posts? Consider your brand and target audience and ask yourself:

  • Will emojis resonate with my audience?
  • What will my followers connect with emotionally?
  • Which emojis are they already using?
  • Which emojis reflect my core values?
  • Which emojis call my brand to mind?
  • Will my message be clear?

Make sure you know the meaning of emojis!

Be aware that some emojis that have double meanings. After all, whilst we love purple adding an aubergine to our posts could convey a whole different message that we wish to send!

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