A quick guide to Social Media and its benefits

Not sure where to start?

Facetube? Twitbook?

Has social media got you all confused.com? Well at Purple Dog we enjoy making things more simple, so below is our quick introductory guide to social media and how it can benefit your company.

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Social Media Benefits


With over 900,000,000 users worldwide, Facebook is officially the world’s largest social network. Facebook is a great way to engage with your customers through the use of a fan page. You can use it to promote to them, gain insight into their behaviours and generate leads.

Facebook works best through a combination of text, video and image.  Have a look at our Facebook page and “like us” for examples.

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Twitter is a micro-blogging site which allows you to engage with people you know as well as with other industry professionals and experts. You can follow people of interest to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to industry news and retweet information which may be of relevance to your followers. In 280 characters or less Twitter can help you engage with your industry on a global level.

Bite-size news and social commentary tweets help to engage audiences and reach new followers.  There are 284 million monthly active users – just think of the reach you can have to your potential customers using Twitter.  Have a look at our Twitter Feed and “follow us”

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LinkedIn is the professional social network, it was built to help professional people engage on a business only level to exchange information regarding business issues, changes in law, employment possibilities etc. It is a networking opportunity which allows you to make introductions to people via common friends or shared interests expressed through the groups you join.

It is like Facebook but for the office.  You can follow Purple Dog on LinkedIn and see examples of what we share.

Other social networks that are actively used are Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.  We will cover these along with how to get started on each platform including Twitter, Facebook and Linked in more detail in future Blog Posts, so sign up for our blog newsletter on the footer to make sure you don't miss out.  For now Bingo, our office dog, will give you a short fun insight into the different social media platforms:

Bingo's guide to social media

If social media is something you don't really have the time to focus on but can see the benefits for your business we can help we can help with the following:

  • Facebook account setup and business page creation
  • Twitter account setup
  • Linked in Account set up
  • Daily updates across all platforms
  • Increased engagement including ‘Facebook Likes’ and ‘Twitter Followers’

Contact us today to “Woof” up your Social Media.

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