Social Media Coaching

If you want strategic advice, support and accountability, one-to-one social media coaching is for you. These sessions are tailored to suit YOUR business - so you can get help where you need it most, fast! Together, we will work through your main social media struggles and concerns.

Whether you want a one-off session to answer your burining questions, brainstorm some content of If you’re looking for help and regular feedback with your social media we can meet via zoom as often as you like to look at your activity together. I will give feedback and advice for improvement as well as keep you up to date with your chosen social media platforms.

Are you ready to reduce your social media overwhelm with bespoke sessions for you to maximise your social media efforts?

Get in touch to book your free no-obligation Discovery Call with me, to see where your problem areas are when it comes to social media, and how I can help.

Examples of ways I can help you...

Define your social strategy

I can assist you to nail down your target audience, ensure you are on the right social media platforms and set social media goals.  I can help you get strategic about your social media to ensure your save time and work efficiently

Create a content calendar

I can help you define your content pillars and map out your social media content calendar so you'll always know what to post. A content calendar also helps you keep a balanced variety of content types so your audience stays interested. 

Write & design better posts

Learn how to create posts that spark interest. Work with templates to create vivid visuals, know exactly how to write great captions, provide value and utilise hashtags correctly.

Understand your analytics

Together we deepdive into your analytics. We brainstorm new content ideas to try next. You learn how to understand analytics to always stay on track and improve.

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