7 Simple Social Media Image Design Tips

Social Media image creation can seem quite daunting to the small business owner.  Graphic Design can seem overwhelming but now with free tools like Canva to help you get started, and social media images having more of an impact it's certainly worth investing some time to create some social media images.

Here are 7 simple social media image design tips to guide you:

1) Keep a simple colour palette

Choose a colour scheme that has 1-3 primary colours and an additional 1-3 secondary colours that contrast and complement each other.

keep a simple colour palette

2) Limit your Font Types

The eye finds it hard to scan multiple typefaces, so stick to a simple collection of fonts. Don't use more than 3 different fonts together. When selecting a typeface or font for headings, subtitles and body text, use easy to read fonts for simple and effective design.

Limit your font types

3) Pair Contrasting Fonts

Which fonts look good together & which ones don’t? A great rule of thumb is to choose fonts with high contrast. This will help the fonts balance each other out while still creating a feature in your design.

Pairing fonts is one of the most common areas that stumps people who are starting out with graphic design. Still stumped? Check out these great examples from Canva

pair contrasting fonts

4) Keep it Simple

The best social media image designs aren't overly complicated.  Make sure every element has a reason to be in the design and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.

5) Respect spacing between different elements

Create a fluid design by surrounding words with space to let elements breathe. The application of space around text boxes, images and other graphic elements makes a design easier to read. It’s also more likely to attract attention than a cluttered composition.

respect spacing around different element

6) Frame Images

Put images in grids or frames to keep a design looking professional

Frame images

7) Be consistent to enhance your Branding

Consistency is one of the important skills brands must master when using colours, fonts, logos & images. This helps achieve visual recognition.  So keep fonts and colours the same across different graphics

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