People on social media are there to be social.  So if you are going to get them to engage with your business and brand you need to make an emotional connection.  One of the most underrated factors in a businesses social strategy is the voice and social media tone they intend to use.  The way you write on Twitter, Facebook, and others go deeper than just the words you use.

How to create an emotional connection on Social Media

It can help to think of voice and tone in the following way:

Your voice – is your mission statement.  You can also think of it like your brand personality's described in an adjective. For instance, brands can be lively, positive, cynical, or professional.

Your tone – the application of that mission.  It adds flavour to your voice based on the audience, situation and channel etiquette.

How do I decide what my Social Media tone and voice should be?

We've got some questions here for you to work through to help you get a better feel for what your Social media tone and voice should be:

  • If your brand/business was a person, what kind of personality would it have?
  • If your brand was a person, what’s their relationship with the consumer? (a coach / friend / teacher / parent)
  • How do you want your customers to think about your company?
  • Describe in adjectives what your company’s personality is not.
  • Are there any companies that have a similar personality to yours? Why are they similar?

Social Media Tone

If you've scribbled down your answers, you should now have a handful of adjectives that best describe you.  These should now set the tone and voice of your marketing across social media.

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Rebecca is passionate about helping others choose the right options for promoting their business or club online. Her constantly curious and problem solving nature make her able to learn new skills quickly. Yet as a qualified Secondary School teacher make her empathetic and able to pass on these skills to empower others trying to find their way in the online world.