Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads has been designed for you to forge connections, engage in communication, and foster discussions centered on the subjects that matter most to you.

Whilst it's integrated with Instagram it is a standalone app. It launched in July 2023 and has grown rapidly with over 137 million users.  Part of the reason for its rapid growth is its integration with Instagram meaning you don't have to build your following from scratch. Another reason people are turning to Threads is the instability of X (formerly twitter) in recent months.

Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

Built with real-time updates and public conversations in mind it focuses on posts using the text format with 500 characters allowed per post.  However, each post can also include links, photos, a video and GIFs

Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

1. Join the conversation

Built for conversation the best way to start is to jump in and join a conversation. Respond to threads by other users you follow.  You can enter keywords in the search bar to help you find conversations of interest:

Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

2. Use different content to other platforms

It may be tempting whilst you're getting to grips with a new platform to copy and paste the same content you've shared on another platform. Whilst you are trying to build your audience on this new platform you want to be sharing unique content so there is real value in following you on this platform. Deliver content that adds value to your audience’s feed. Whether you’re sharing tips, insights, or informative content, focus on providing information that is helpful, educational, or entertaining.

3. Share that you've joined threads

Let your followers know on other social media networks and invite them to follow you.  You can also add links in your email footer and add an icon to your website footer.

Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

4. Encourage conversation

To engage your audience create content that aligns with their interests. Develop posts that resonate with their experiences, address their challenges, or reflect their aspirations. You can try injecting humour into your content to help people relate to you and encourage engagement.

Of course, the best way to start a conversation is to ask a question!

Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads

5. Experiment with your posts

Whist I recommended considering the topics you want to cover and how you'll bring value to this platform where Threads is a new platform it's adding new features to develop the experience all the time.  Therefore, it's a good idea to try a variety of formats like text-only posts along with images, videos, GIFs.  As any new features come along give them a try, and see what begins to resonate with your followers.

As you're getting started with Instagram Threads remember that conversation is key.  Although an API is in development there is no way to schedule threads.  So any posts on the platform have to be posted live.  This means there can be more real-time interaction.

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Top tips for getting started with Instagram Threads
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