Twitter is like a Cocktail Party

Yesterday we described how Facebook can be a likened a garden party.  Today we take a closer look at Twitter and how it could be the right social media platform for your business.

In a contrast to Facebook where you're likely to have already have some contact with the people connected with you on the network with Twitter you're more likely to meet new people.  With twitter having 302 million monthly active users it's like a noisy cocktail party where everyone is talking at once!  It's an open network giving people the permission to jump into conversations and (hopefully) provide value to those involved.  Anyone can talk to anyone, whether they know them or not and that's why it can be so valuable to businesses.

twitter is like a cocktail party

Not only can it be great for customer service and answering your customer's questions it can be great for building relationships business to business too.

The conversation is quick and moves fast, so it's great for real-time, in the moment events.  But it does mean you will need to post 7 or more updates throughout everyday to ensure you get seen and stay in the conversation.  With 140 characters to each posting updates have to brief, which might be why it has a slight bias in male users!

Tomorrow we move onto LinkedIn to uncover their audience and whether it's the right place for your business.

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