How to use social media to connect with your audience

Social media marketing is not about selling. You should be using social media to connect with your audience. People, even your existing customers, don't follow you on social media to buy from you or to hear about your latest product or launch or webinar.... BUT when you talk about what goes on behind closed doors, they pull up a seat and take notice.
We LOVE to be nosy and get a sneak peek, an insider's view, to go "behind-the-scenes".
It's because we love connecting with humans.

Sometimes we are so busy focusing on our business and our brand and our marketing that we forget to be human.

Focusing on connection with your audience may be the very thing that turns a "liker" into a raving fan and a customer.

How to reveal the person (or people behind your business:

1) Connect and take us behind the scenes

Take us behind the scenes of your office, work, product, launch... people like to know what is going on and how things are done... and it is a way of talking about yourself without "selling"

2) Connect and share something personal.

You don't have to give your life story! But how about a little peek into your life - it can be your pet (Our Office Dog features quite a lot on our social media!), the town where you live, your favourite coffee shop, your favourite beach... a favourite activity.  Humans like humans. Be human and share something that they might be interested in.
Don't be a faceless Business

3) Connect and share a lesson learned

Part of being human is making mistakes. Is there something you can share, some kind of lesson learned that your audience can learn from too.  Chances are your audience also likely to be struggling with it and will benefit from your help. Sharing it helps to build a stronger connection with them.
 “There is no such thing as FAILURE only FEEDBACK”

Why go behind the scenes?

1) You will build a connection with your audience. They can relate to you more and when they relate to you more they trust you more.
2 It mixes things up for you.  Nobody wants to talk about their business all day. And it helps you to connect on a level with your audience that allows you to then ask them more personal questions like what their biggest challenges and needs are.

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