If you're a more confident user or on a low budget then using our Go Fetch e-portal will allow you to send and create and send mobile-friendly email campaigns, with no coding required.


You'll also get a login to our customer area to access great how to videos to get you up and running in no time for your campaign and gain access to our support features.

If you need more support Purple Dog can design a template ready for you to suit your campaign needs, fully branded to match your on and offline presence.  We can upload it and install it ready for your use in our Go Fetch Marketing portal for just £50.

You’ll also be able to:

  • See who’s opening, clicking and sharing your campaign in real-time
  • View reports on your mobile device
  • Track beyond-the-click with Google Analytics integration
  • Run Run A/B Split Campaigns (a campaign type that allows 2 different versions of the same campaign to be tested and determine the better option. Subject lines, from names, or send times can be tested along with content)

Go fetch e portal

As your business grows we can change your plan to suit your needs; just let us know.