What should I post on social media?

You maybe aware that a consistent presence on social media is necessary for your business but then struggle with content.  Do you often ask yourself what should I post on social media?  There are many types of social media posts you can make and the key to a successful social media calendar is variety.

What should I post on social media

So here are some ideas for what to post on social media:

1. Make an announcement

Do you have a sale on? Is there an event you are hosting coming up? Have you just written a new blog post or newsletter? Here's an example from Passford House Hotel's Facebook:

passford house hotel

2. Get a little personal

People are on social media to connect with people! So every now and then show a little more of the personal side to you and your business.  Let your audience peek behind the curtain and get a little insight into you and your business. Just Keep Pinning posted their messy desk on Instagram for example:

behind the scenes

3. Share a resource

This can be anything you think will give value to your followers. Whether it's a website they might enjoy, or maybe even a product or tool they might find useful.  In this example Peg Fitzpatrick shares a list of the top 10 social media blogs to follow:

share a resource

4. Share someone else's post

Retweet or share anything you think will be helpful to your followers or can help build relationships for business partners in the future. Make sure whatever you share aligns with your brand's values.

In this example New Forest Marque shares Hockey's Farm, who stock a number of New Forest Marque products, tweet about Kitty's Lyndhurst Fish Van visiting the farm:


5. Ask questions

Asking your audience questions is a great way to get engagement from your audience.

When The Creativity Box couldn't decide what logo design to choose they opened it up to their Facebook audience for feedback:
ask questions
Even by mixing these 5 ideas across your social media weekly schedule you will give your audience a great variety and keep them interested and engaged with your content.

Which posts do you find work best for your audience? Comment below and share your ideas.

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