Why a managed WordPress website with Purple Dog is better for your business

We're experts in WordPress and have recently upgraded our servers to be able to offer fully managed WordPress website hosting. Your website is an investment for your business so it's important that it's taken care of and doesn't cause you headaches!

Why a managed WordPress website with Purple Dog is better for your business

Are you experiencing any of the following scenarios with your website:

  • site performance is inconsistent or slow

  • site experiences frequent downtime

  • site is currently hacked

  • you’d like to prevent these things before they happen

  • you’re spending more time optimizing servers than you’d like

  • you have to jump through hoops just to update your site

  • you’re running a business and want a partner, not just a provider

If the answer is yes, then we can help!

Watch this video to learn why having a managed WordPress host is a great investment:

There are many build your own website options available to give your business an online presence such as Squarespace and Wix.

The disadvantage of using sites like these is that you are responsible for ensuring the hosting is up to date and reliable and that your site is kept secure.

Here at Purple Dog, you don’t have to think about servers or the hassles of web hosting, your website will have blazing-fast performance and rock-solid security.

With a Purple Dog managed WordPress package, you can trust that the team fully understands WordPress and are experts in it.

Plus, with the "Ultimutt package" we prioritise any support you might require - think of us as having your own outsourced IT department!

We ensure nightly backups of your website so that if something should ‘go to the dogs’ it can be easily restored.

Take your website security seriously

We take security very seriously, so if your site does get hacked, we can help you clean it up and remove the malware threats. (Something you probably want to be done quickly, but don’t want to learn to do yourself.) We also include features like strong password enforcement, two-factor authentication, and limited login attempts.

For our new website builds we include both a local environment and a staging site with your plan. This is an important piece of the development workflow that allows you to collaborate with teammates and clients:

  • Develop your site in a local environment

  • Push it to a staging site for testing

  • Push it to production when you’re ready to go live!

We also take care of updates for you, so your site is always on the latest WordPress version. This usually includes WordPress core updates, PHP updates, and sometimes even theme or plugin updates.

A managed host is much more than a server provider; the best ones are more like a partner for your business or as Bingo would say man's best friend.

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